Spackle Souvenirs: Bootscreens and Screensaver

Like any vacation, when you've been to my island you probably would like something to take home and show folks. I can't blame you, there's some cool stuff here, which is why I'm offering a screensaver. Originally I offered replacement Windows 95/98/ME boot screens, but it seems folks have upgraded to Windows 2000 and XP. Yes, I have found out how to change the boot screens of those two OS's but it's not as simple as just adding a LOGO.SYS file to C:\ to implement one, and the change under 2K/XP can affect computer stability, so let's not go there. If you're still running an older OS, you can use the files below... the rest of you can look at them. Win9x installation instructions are included, though this procedure isn't difficult. You can also view the files with any program that reads bitmaps (.BMP files) such as IrfanView or the Paint program that came with Windows, or any BMP viewer for the other platforms/OS's; the LOGO.SYS files are really just [distorted] 320x400 256-color BMPs. Click on an image and you'll get the familiar "downloading, eh? where to, buddy?" screen. Installation instructions are included in the zip.
All of the pictures in the screensaver and boot screens are fresh scans, not reworks of the edited-for-size gallery images. Some of these pictures are 'classic' Spackle, some have not been previously seen by the masses. There are 100 images in this screensaver.

If there's a picture on the site you'd like to have as a desktop wallpaper (sized 800x600, 1024x768, or whatever so there won't be aliasing), drop me an email and I'll rescan for you – also tell me what filetype to send as if you don't prefer JPG. Also let me know if there are any issues with the screensaver. My address again is SaySomethingCryptic AT

Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul Screensaver v1.21 (April 07) - now Windows Vista compliant! (2.25mb)
The zip file contains a ReadMe and the screensaver installer. Just download, unzip, and launch to install and set as your screensaver (or not). There are no spywares or virii included, trust me (but sure, scan away). The images are work-friendly and family-friendly by most people's definitions but your mileage may vary due to the existance and proliferation of easily-offended pinheads.

Windows 95/98/ME boot screens

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