Another lost moment in a found photo
The thing Stephanie hated about having to mow the lawn every week was not how sweaty she got,
or picking up the dogshit, or how much work it was to get the edges of the yard without
throwing rocks from the street or hitting the roses and shrubbery, or even that her friends
and neighbors would give her crap about how mowing the lawn was "men's work" (as though
anyone else in the family could or would take care of the yard!), or even how this "easy start"
mower was a bitch to get running and took five minutes of yanking – no, the thing she hated
about having to mow the lawn was that each and every time she'd be mowing, her idiot
brother Matthew would play 'chicken' with her, always in the same spot next to the driveway, and
by the time autumn arrived and the growing season ended she was not far from lunging it at him.

warning: DO NOT try mower-dodging OR mower-lunging at home

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