Another lost moment in a found photo
Dawn wished that the man who loved her would know she'd moved on with
other guys without her having to tell him; there wasn't a pleasant way
of saying it other than the indirect method of telling him about her
dates in the tone one uses with a friend one isn't involved with.

Image: I bought this photo at an antique dealer because the woman (photo undated, nothing is written on the back) very closely resembles a girl that I was intimately connected to in 1994, Dawn Catherine. How I found out, days after we'd had a world-changing night together, that she had found someone new was by reading about her date online and then her giving me some details in person like we'd never happened when I curiously asked where things were with him and by extention with me. I smiled and walked away, but internally it took me an awkward month to get my head back on straight because I took her seriously.

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