Another lost moment in a found photo


As you probably noticed, I took a two-month sabbatical from Spackle, which I am now (Oct 30 & 31) trying to get up-to-date on. I don't have an explanation for September and there's much too much to say about October, and I must thank Stephan in Germany for nudging me to get my shit together and return to this. A lot has changed in my life in the last two months, and hopefully this will be reflected in the captioning since I haven't any control over the photos themselves. But on that note, I found a Nikon professional 35mm negative scanner (missing the accessory for projector slides) at Goodwill recently – produced in 2007 but still commands a few hundred dollars on the market – so eventually you will see a few results from that get posted. </dialog>
This month's update and the next I'm cheating a little; rather than selecting pictures at random from the stack and writing captions, I'm presenting three specially selected photos each from the Cute and Odd folders for their "hey!" factor... and you can synthesize your own thoughts on them instead of me telling you what to think. The captions start again in the December edition.

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