Another lost moment in a found photo
[Hon] Major Harley Cinders, with his wife Cynthia, when he was starting
his nearly-famous Alabama-baked turkey leg business in 1935. He accidently
served food critic Duncan Hines soap flakes in the place of boxed mashed
potatoes as a side dish and the uproar that followed ended his food career.

Sidenote: One week later Cynthia left him in embarassment over the blunder. The story
has a happy ending, though... He'd been away on business when she left so found out four
days later she was gone, and in a fit of anger threw a chair into the wall of his office,
putting a hole in it that revealed one wall was a false panel over the safe from the
previous business, a defaulted bank. Major Cinders lived on the $1.4 million windfall
for the rest of his life quietly and never mentioned it to his ex. No woman, no cry.

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