Another lost moment in a found photo
Franz and Gustav arrived in America at the beginning of the 1930's. They
were running from the economic crisis afflicting Europe at the time, but
the same crisis afflicted America too, and the brothers never made their
fortune like they promised their mother they would, and never had the money
to go back home either. 25 years later they still lived together in a small
house on the outskirt of a small town and didn't eat every day. However, the
letters they sent home were telling about their happy life, big family, nice
house, and great jobs; once a year they called their neighbors together, helpful
wives and mothers that put their Sunday best on, brought their children, and
stood still to be the big, happy family of Franz and Gustav in the yearly
photos their mother on the other side of the ocean showed her lady friends,
and told them about her wonderful sons that have made their fortune in America.

this guest captioning was written by Gabriella of Budapest, Hungary <3

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