Another lost moment in a found photo
Okay, let's discuss this one instead of captioning it:
Anyone over 30 and under 50 will look at this and swear it's their grandmother's
house from when they were kids. Anyone over 50 will swear it's their mother's house
from around 1970. Seriously. Maybe not every matriarch had that chandalier (but she
had one in the diningroom), those heinous drapes (but she had some in the livingroom),
or a centerpiece of Chinese lily and bird of paradise which takes up the entire table,
but she had a two-tier wheeled metal cart, a wooden accessory table with clawfeet, and
a hand-tatted tablecloth. Big gold-framed mirror and a buffet to covet were optional
but you may swear you remember her having those. The only real difference I see is
that there's a pendulum clock hanging on the wall, not a big golden sunburst clock.

Admit it, people over 30: You saw this photo and you laughed spontaneously.

and those under 30 likely will not understand a single thing I have described above.

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