Another lost moment in a found photo
The O'Hayness family was very proud to have purchased a Studebaker, but rather
than let Junior put gas in it and drive it they kept it like-new by using the family
towtruck to drag it places. While it still looked somewhat snazzy when Dad would
drag Junior and his dates to the malt shop to be served by carhops, the towtruck
made watching a movie at the drive-in fairly difficult; not seeing the movie didn't
matter much to the teenaged Junior but his dates would not want to hop in the back
seat and neck because Dad would be sitting there ten feet in front of them, reading
a hotrod magazine and occasionally glancing into the rear-view mirror with a leer.

I can't find a date on this but the car should date it. There are five people in the photo, from left
to right: 12 year old boy in front of tree flexing his muscles, 8 year old boy trying to climb into
the tree, Mother in a denim skirt with her arms crossed in front of the chimney, 16 year old daughter
in pants(!) leaning against the fence, balding Father leaning back against the car door facing
daughter. It's a Vivicolor Print and the back says it was printed in Portland, Oregon.

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