Another lost moment in a found photo
Jane Baddoll (far right) successfully integrated with the band of modern Neanderthals
[Homo neanderthalensis novitas] she had encountered living in an apartment over a
storefront in Spackletown, circa 1940. The two adults and their brood of five seemed
adept at using tools, driving their primative Packard, and walking upright but still
communicated by a series of grunts and rough gestures (even while using the telephone)
and had the indicative facial/skull features of the species. Jane studied them for a period
of two years before she returned to college to write a Masters' thesis about the family.
Shortly after submission, a nomadic group of small-brained hominids [Homo floresiensis
republicanii] hunted the Neanderthal band into extinction then ran for public office.

that's a lot of work for one stupid joke...

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