Another lost moment in a found photo
Gather 'round, children, it's time for a Christmas story!
Santa Claus spends all year making toys and goodies to fill his sleigh, with the help of
his shop full of elves and the always-jovial Mrs. Claus. But working so hard for a
whole year, then being so unbelievably busy for one night to deliver the stuff to all
the good little girls and boys who believe in him around the world, earns Kris
Kringle one free night of respite, usually December 17, that he can spend anywhere
in the world doing anything he wants for 24 hours. It's a magical Christmas secret
that he usually goes to Las Vegas or Reno, gets a hotel room, and surrounds himself
with bad little girls from all over the world who want him to fill their stockings
with something other than coal. This is what the centerpiece on our table this year
shows – Santa with his merry ho-ho-ho's on that wonderful night a week before Christmas.
The ashtrays are mere speculation but he probably does light up after his 'deliveries'.

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