Another lost moment in a found photo
Sample photo for a campaign by CHUG (Commission to Help Ugly Guys), "Fat Guys
With Bad Haircuts Need Love Too."
The goal of the television public service spots
and posters for urban shop windows was to convince pretty girls that guys who were
built like a sack of potatoes and combed their self-cut hair with Crisco were
attractive creatures. Having miraculously convinced the public of this, CHUG
bankrupted itself trying in its next campaign to convince model-calibre women that
computer professionals with complection, hygiene, and social skills issues were
really just diamonds in the rough for them to discover and mold, plus that they have
plenty of disposable income they'd love to lavish on a caring female companion.

Okay, I will admit something here: The name I gave this photo when I scanned it was 'StartYoung' and I was going to give
it a caption about beginning the practice of eating straight lard, which I either did not copy to my Suggestions textfile or
never wrote down at all. I was reading my Suggestions textfile while looking for the caption of another picture I was
going to post here instead and came across the caption for a photo named 'Julz-n-Butterball' which I can't find the scan of
So I went in the opposite direction than usual; I had a good caption and went looking for a photo that worked with
it. Sometime when I'm going through the prints I'll find the original photo (I'd noted something written across the back
when I came up with the caption so I do have a clue what I'd named 'Julz-n-Butterball') and will have to write a new story for it.
Enough balloon juice? Photo was obtained cheap at the Old Seattle Paper Company, that's all I know.

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