Another lost moment in a found photo
caption 1:  Everyone said that Vernita's children had her eyes. Their outfits
and fashion sensibilities however came from their father, the costumer for a
travelling Gilbert & Sullivan production company who was passin' through.
caption 2:  Vernita brought Ivan and Olga over from the old country by ship,
and for a time dressed them like sailors. For some reason, this caused
them to learn how to swear in English before they could speak English.

Obtained from Rector's Antiques in Tacoma, an amazing place.
I'm very good at integral and differential calculus / I know the scientific names of beings animalculous
In short, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral / I am the very model of a modern Major General.

-- Sir William S. Gilbert & Sir Arthur Sullivan, "Major General Stanley", The Pirates of Penzance

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