Another lost moment in a found photo
Tom celebrated Christmas year-round. Chicks really dug this about him. His
quarterly Christmas parties, as odd as it may seem, were always big draws
and people felt priviledged to be invited. The December event was truly gala,
the April and September gatherings were welcome distractions from the daily
routine, but the July events were über-elite affairs attended only by
Tom's bestest and least inhibited friends. After drinking a lot of wassail
and singing some carols under the tree, and the opening of lavish gifts to
put the guests into the proper spirit, the secular observation of a Christian
holiday turned downright pagan. Being the summer, Santa Claus was off-duty
so the guest of honor delivering the good cheer was the Greek god Bacchus...

purchased from an antique dealer, and despite the tinsel I love that tree!

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