Elfie at the house 1

Gabriella, who was a baby when Uncle Eflie was around but her brother Jeff was 15 years older than her, reports:
There were 3 people who knew the truth on this tale... your grandfather, Elfie and Jeff, my oldest brother. Elfie loved him for his six foot height, and told Jeff about things he didn't tell anyone else. Jeff just had that effect on people, and now as an adult I can't stop wondering how he didn't go crazy from constantly hearing the oddest, maddest, grimmest secrets of our small town. He did have a lot of funny stuff to share, though. Sometimes I think animals shared their secrets with him, too; that was what made him the best vet in the state, but I bet the secrets of our animals were nowhere near as frightening as the secrets of us owners...
Anyway, one night when Jeff and Elfie was drinking together, Elfie told him about his first sexual experience which was with your grandmother's best friend, Camilla. She was about 22 at the time, Elfie was 25, and Camilla dragged him into her bed one Sunday when her husband went to the livestock auction, Elfie said so. It was a hot summer day, and toward the end of October Camilla let Elfie know that she was pregnant. Before the beginning of November Elfie departed with the theatrical company which was about to leave the area, and four days later Camilla laid in front of a train. A tracklayer found her head next to the track early in the morning next day; had it rolled further in the grass, he would have never realized it in that fog. The townspeople never knew why she did that, and people started to come up with all kind of theories immediately, but only two knew that Camilla had killed two people not one: Elfie and your grandfather, and they had no secret between each other. When Elfie became aware of what'd happened, he was surprised... I think he never exactly understood what happened, the conception of suicide was as far from him as possible, and he absolutely didn't understand how someone can kill themselves over another person. He felt sorry for Camilla, and felt sorry for the unpleasant situation the silly woman drove him into. As for your grandfather, he never said one word about the relationship of those two to anyone, especially not to his wife; she'd probably have died herself had she known what happened to her best friend. Elfie wouldn't have been let in their house if she knew, but your grandfather must have thought he should be forgiving toward the cousin of his wife, and your grandmother never found out about the affair.

This anecdote was written by Gabriella, who remembers Elfie fondly: "Between you and me, Elfie was a sucker for my mother's cakes
and sweeties, she being from Hungary knew how to make cakes Americans had never heard of before." Which is true, Elfie told me when
I was 3 or 4 and I was sitting on his knee that my grandfather was a great cook when it came to main meals (being the proprietor of The
Crossroads Cafe and all), but Miszisz Dávid was the greatest dessert chef in town. My grandfather had commented once about how
Elfie would disappear after dinner frequently when he wasn't in a rush to go to the theatre, but he thought it was to go on a date
(people love to talk, but this was sometimes true) yet it seems that at least part of the time it was to go to her house for dessert!
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