Another lost moment in a found photo
LaTrina (a.k.a. Tyrel) was the only drag-queen in his/her graduating class.
It wouldn't be until s/he moved to the big city two months later that s/he
found out how to pull off the 'female imposter' look convincingly.

Breaking character for a moment, here's what's so wrong with the photo:
  • Bleach-blond doesn't go with every skintone.
  • Light blue contact lenses don't go with every eye color. (They're more visible in the original.)
  • No one's ever gonna buy that she's a blue-eyed blonde.
  • Big wooden earrings don't go with every earlobe.
  • Fake nails shouldn't be the focal point of a graduation photo.
  • ...especially if you've painted them yellow!
  • No matter how dolled up you are, if you've got a masculine face you're always going to look like a transvestite.

found in farming country, near Graham WA, "and you ain't got horns"

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