Another lost moment in a found photo
Standard captioning mode off to disparage on individual items
It's another wedding party!  (see previous, Sept 2002 #5)  And what wonky things do we see?

-- Swarthy Alejandro and groom's sister Liz with their brood of three. She'll be happy when the day
      is over because he's such a control freak and her shoes hurt.
-- Eldest son Alexander was told by father to put his hands like that; no one else is doing that pose.
-- Second son Andrew is facing outward while everyone else faces inward because father said to face him.
-- Daughter Alexis just wants everyone to be happy. Eventually she'll learn it'll never work in her family.
-- The groom will be happy when the ceremony is over too since he had no say whatsoever in any of it.
-- The bride could use more sun. She's looking forward to feeling a man's touch at long last.
-- The bride's father can die happy, now that he's married off his last daughter and won't have to
      foot the bill for any more weddings. Footing divorces, maybe, but not more weddings.
-- The bride's mother won't be happy until she has a few grandchildren from the bride. Geez, Mom!
-- The bride's brother John and his beauty-school dropout wife Tish drove here 3 hours. They'll drive
      back starting the moment this photo session is over, they've had their fill.
-- The bride's sister Louise never was good at coordination. Not only is she wearing a shiny light blue
      blazer, but her twin daughters Beth and Becca don't match each other or anyone else. The
      bride let her neices be the flowergirls, but she never let her sister live the mismatch down.
-- Beth wants to be a bride when she grows up. Becca wants to sell hardwood flooring, and various
      family members thought it was cute when she questioned the worn-out tile of this hall.
-- The bride's sister Nicole showed up for the food and because her mom would give her flak for the
      rest of her life if she didn't show up. Her husband Tom was there to be present & supportive
      of his in-laws but somehow still managed to be invisible and insignificant to them.
-- The bride's father offered to get a professional photographer (after his wife prodded him) but the
      bride said no, her Olympus 'Stylus' camera would do just fine. She forgot to turn off the datestamp.

Opinions, culled from email:  The children on the left have to belong to the man on the left, the Egyptian relatives definitely. The man is smiling in the way men smile in a world where women don't doubt a man's truth. The blue-eyed woman to his left (the groom's sister?) doesn't seem the sort who would go without questioning her husband every time, just a good portion of it, and instruct their children not to question their father because he is afterall their father. He was a swarthy man who made his wife's parents a little nervous. And the oldest boy holds his hands like a flamenco dancer -- you can almost expect him to do a slight hop and tap his heels. The daughter, her mother's child, just wants everyone to be happy, and soon her teeth will be professionally straightened. As for the other girls, one seems about at the point of bursting with joy, but you'd think they would have had matching dresses? Or maybe they're just rental children because the wedding needed two flowergirls. Maybe professional rental children can act like they feel comfortable anywhere? The girls look like they're only six, but you don't have to be an adult to notice the floor needs replacing. Nobody in my family got married in a sleeveless dress; is it a proper thing in America to do? I'm just guessing who is related to who... I'm willing to guess that if that one woman can wear blue she'd likely bring her daughters in red and white. But the family had to be shocked about it. This wedding didn't have bridesmaids in matching dresses so her coming in blue wasn't as big a shock as it would have been had every other female been wearing peach chiffon. :) It was nice that they could show up. The bride's mother looks like a powerful woman; look at her tame, tired, old husband. He hangs on her wife's arm regularly. This wedding was organized for months and all he had to do was pay for it.

The happy couple would look at this picture and decide they'd rather not display it
on the mantle because they would prefer not to think about the other people in it.

another bride, another groom...  another fine Mystichonic production. That ceiling is kinda low too!
credit to Gabriella for the original email conversation and the regurgitated version when all was later lost

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