Another lost moment in a found photo
Tom and Jesse had only one obstacle in their torrid love affair: Sandi Jo.
They managed to put this hinderance to their benefit by using her as their fluffer.

Ever heard the joke about the alien that walked into a bar and asked for a drink? The bartender said "Sorry,
we don't serve aliens." The alien got riled and demanded a drink, and the bartender says "No, we don't serve
aliens." The alien gets ticked off and goes over to this baggy-eyed bleach blonde on a barstool, and in one swift
motion devours her whole. He comes back and again demands a drink, and the bartender says, "Not only do we not
serve aliens, we also don't serve people on drugs." The alien widens his several eyes and asks what he means by
'on drugs'. The bartender shrugs and says, "That was a bar-bitch-you-ate." (Wasn't that more fun than just
saying "duh, I think it was behind the Deseret Industries in Spanaway"?)

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